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How do you get more information?


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  • How do you get more information?

    18 years ago I was arrested for "Possession of Marijuana". The case was dismissed according to my lawyer.

    But where would I find more information on the case, and what it was officially listed as? I went to the town police dept where it happened and paid my $2 for a records check and they gave me back a form that says no record found. Same for the court.

    But like I always read... the BI will find it. Which is completely great by me I have nothing to hide, but since it was so long ago I wish I had more information on what the official disposition was rather than taking my lawyer's word for it.

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    If you went to the court that holds jurisdiction where you got arrested, and they don't have record of it, there probably isn't record of it. Let me take that back, there probably is record of it, but it's not in the computer and no one will get on their feet enough to go to the basement and pull out the paper file. In the case of a misdemeanor charge like yours, conviction or not doesn't really matter in terms of a background investigation. Disclose your frequency of use at the time and the fact that you got arrested, and assuming you we're hanging with Cheech and Chong for several years you should be fine.


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      If you're applying at a Law Enforcement agency, list the arrest, the disposition of the case, dates/times, as accurately as you can. It's entirely possible that your records have gone to micro film or some other long term storage. That's why the Police Report came back "No Record". The Background Investigator can usually access records which are "off-line".


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        Follow the advice of the posters above me. It is good to see that even though it may not be brought up you still have the integrity to admit it to the BI.


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          Thanks for the information. I just want to lay all my cards on the table and if they want me, they want me. Can't change the past, nor would I want to. Everything that happened in the past are learning experiences that make me who I am today (and none are auto dq'ers).


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