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My exam day (Noobs read this...)


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  • My exam day (Noobs read this...)

    I know when i was going through this I had more questions than answers. Hopefully this will help someone else have the answers that they need.

    1st thing. Train, every day. Convince your self if you don't run every 12 hours you will drop dead. I am 100% serious.
    Also train to EXCEED the exam. You don't want to rely on the minimums. (for example if you need 27 push-ups, be able to do 30 or more)

    Before you arrive:
    EAT Breakfast. Really, do it. you wont eat most of the day. I had coffee with an apple fritter from Dunkin's (good carbs and sugar!)
    Make sure you have EVERYTHING you will need.This is important. Following directions is a good thing.
    For example if the letter says park on the side of the building, do that, don't park anywhere else. This slight over look almost cost one lady her shot.
    If the form says casual dress forget it. Dress up nothing less that khaki and a polo shirt.

    You will arrive and wait in the foyer area of the police department every one was quiet and looking at their feet.
    After that we were escorted up the stairs to be checked in.

    Written exam:
    The written test had some memorization. We were given a packet to read and memorize within 30 minutes. Short break (long enough to forget about what I read :-) ) and then back in.
    Written test is 1:45 long. There were 100 question on mine. It only took me about an hour to complete working quickly. I have taken these before so i knew what to expect.

    Assuming you have made it to that point you will be asked to go and get your PT gear on. At this point I had not eaten in about 3 hours so i took the opportunity to eat. Nothing much for heavy but just 10-15 frosted mini wheat's.

    After getting PT gear on we were ushered upstairs and asked to fill out the health wavers and be weighed.
    Once completed back down stairs to the gym. At this point be prepared to wait for a long time. The gym where i was could only hold about 6 people. given that there were 20 that made it past the written it took what seemed to be forever.

    Part 1 bench-press:
    I had the choice of doing a few warm ups or all at once. My weight was 190 but i had trained for 3 reps @ 200lbs. I went for it. The bar started up, touch the chest and back up. easy...

    Part 2 Sit-ups:
    We had rubber 'no slip' mats. All i have to say is DON'T USE THE MAT. Mine slipped every time that i sat up. This means after every rep i had to reset. Keep in mind you only have 60 seconds for the exam...

    Part 3 Push-ups:
    After getting in position my partner had to lay on the floor and put his hand under my chest. I didn't find this to be too hard. I know i can do over the required amount. When training go all the way to the floor. it makes going down to the fist that much easier.

    After that it was time to wait for the other groups to finish up. We were lucky enough to be able to run outside. Outside is better than inside in my opinion. Luckily the agency where i was allowed us to run along the coast. It was a nice run.

    Part 4 the run:
    I ate some more mini-wheat's before i ran. only 5-10 and a about 1.5 cups of water. You might not want to eat but i know that i would have run out of steam if i didnt.
    I kept gum in my pocket to help alleviate dry mouth from panting. Some people had iPod's. I wish i had had mine. So my advice for the run, bring an iPod, bring a watch, and some gum if you get try mouth.

    Good luck!
    The sooner you understand that all your base are belongs to me the better off you will be.

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