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Another step closer, BI question re: loss of job


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  • Another step closer, BI question re: loss of job

    Hello again, everyone!
    I took my second written exam (2nd of 3 departments applying for) on Saturday and feel really, really good about it. I will find out on Tuesday how I scored.

    My physical agility scores (2 departments passed) have all been above Academy graduation requirements, not to mention exceeding preliminary requirements for people two age brackets below me.

    As the background segment looms closer, I am starting to pscyh myself out and get completely stressed about anything I can possibly think of that might reflect on me badly - I'm sure that's quite common!

    I've been told to think about the worst possible thing that might come up during my BI, and how I plan to handle it in the orals, and that thing happens to be that I was once terminated from a job. The very large corporation that I worked for had been bought out, and after I assisted with the buyout, my new boss accused me of incorrectly reporting time/hours and fired me. I subsequently took them to court (Unemployment Board, not civil court) and won a wrongful termination decision after proving that I had NOT done what I was accused of. In non-corporate speak, my boss was told to fire me rather than lay me off to save money, he got busted lying, and they had to pay my unemployment.

    Will I get a chance to explain this?

    Thanks for any advice,

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    Boy, you are getting all freaked out. Do you think everybody but you is perfect? You need to relax. You will be given the chance to tell your side of the story and your driving story. In fact, I would be asking you about this situation, so don't get worked up. Those of us that do BI know there are some real awful bosses out there. As long as you don't have a history of being fired you should be okay. Being "fired" in your case is a little different story. How long ago was this? How old are you?


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      I'm 32. This was almost exactly a year ago. In fact - this was the event that made me finally go after my LE dream! After the corporate nonsense that went on, I thought, "Let's DO THIS. It's time." I've never been fired before, though I've been laid off several times.
      I am freaking out, though - I'm one of those people who has never been in any real trouble, so the littlest thing is NOT little to me, if you know what I mean! I kind of raised myself, and worked very, very hard to keep my nose clean, stay away from the bad kids, etc., and I guess I hold myself to unattainable standards.
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        Yes, you'll be given the opportunity to explain your situation. Based on your post, it shouldn't be a problem.


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          You'll be fine. There is always a time and place that they go over everything with you.


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            Update! Scored 2nd highest of all applicants (100+) for the last town I took the written in! One more to go - tomorrow!


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