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    Hi everybody,
    I'm going for my background pre-screen in 2 weeks, but I am afraid they won't accept me due to drug use in the past. I smoked a little marijuana after my sister was killed in February. I quit using it, of course, but I'm worried this puts me at an Auto DQ. I've wanted to become a Sheriff all my life and my parents are very proud that I got to this step. I am 18 years old and very worried that I will be DQed.
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    You're too young AND too recent drug use.

    Tell me this...if you have truly wanted to "become a Sheriff all my life" then WTF made you smoke? Either you're lying or you have very bad decision making skills. Either way, you're a risk. You've got quite a bit of growing up to do.

    I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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      You know, we seem to get this all the time." I've smoked pot, I've stolen from work, I cheat on tests, but my dream has always been to be a Cop". Now, let me back up a little. I'm truly sorry for your loss. I also realize that of all the scenarios I referenced, only the"smoked pot" one applies to you, as far as I know. Consider that many people experience personal losses, but don't use the loss or adversity as an exuse of illegal conduct. As my colleague noted, you're too young to apply. Even if you could apply, your use has been too recent. Really want to be a Cop? Get your "Effing" act together. Quit feeling sorry for yourself. Continue your education, stay away from idiots who drink and do drugs. If you work, do your employer a good job. Don't steal from him, don't rip him off. If you get a better job, give your current gig a proper notice. In short, be a decent citizen. Don't expect a bunch of "Atta -Boys", and "Well Dones" for simply doing what you're supposed to do. Start getting it done. Good luck.


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        what they said...
        It's not the will to win that matters...everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters.
        Paul "Bear" Bryant


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          What they said, but you might want to consider dropping out before you are DQ'ed and have that follow you around. You are way to young. You need an education. Stay in school, stop using dope and apply after you get your 4 year degree. At age 18, I could barely figure out what to wear in the morning without help from my mom.


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            What's hiring age in California?

            At any rate...STOP making excuses for your behavior. You made a choice, there are other ways to grieve. When I lost people in my life I talk to people or go to church...not get high. You do however still have a good chance of getting in once your 21 and have some college or military experience under your belt. Keep in mind we all make mistakes.


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              Yep, most places require you to be 21 at the age os wearing in for handgun laws. You have 3 years...sorry your sis died but that doesnt equal smoking weed! So youve probably done it before then. Knock that crap off and get straightened out. Be squeaky f'ing clean for 3 years and the try again. Go to college or military between now and then and you may have a chance....February was 7 months ago...theres just no way
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                You need to change your line "I've dreamed of becoming a cop". It doesn't add up that you would want that and do what you did. I would take the advice of pulling out of the hiring process before you get flagged as a DQ.

                Your statement will tell them that even though you've dreamed of this you some how thought it was ok to smoke some MJ. Not good if they think when you have some stress in your life you turn to drugs.

                You are going to need some time to get past this so if you stay clean try again after your 21. I would consider getting involved in some community programs to show you have a genuine concern toward helping others.
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                  How would you plan on buying a pistol or the rounds for it? You would have to have your mom do this for you.


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                    looks like we scared him away. last time i did pot i was in high school but had never done anything stupid to risk my future because i have been wanting to be a cop since i was about 17 but wanted my AA first and a steady job w/ income to pay for academy if i werent able to get sponsored. hes got some growing up to do. maybe try in 4 years and dont do anymore narcotics!
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                      You need to do some growing up and your drug use is too recent.


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