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    My career plan is to be a Police Officer. I am waiting for a background investigation to start at one agency, waiting for a final oral board at another however in the current economic times I am thinking about alternatives till hiring can pick up. I have spent some time talking to Child Protective Services Investigators and it interests me since the work would be very personal with home visits and case managing. Based on my education, Im qualified. However, I have heard police officers talk negatively about social services and label them as hand holders etc. which I can understand.

    So the question is, would working for CPS be a negative on Police Officer applications? I won't pursue it if an Oral Board panel will think I won't be able to be aggressive or go hands on based on where I have worked

    Thank you.

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    No. CPS is an extremely important piece of the system. A good CPS Investigator or Social Worker can make a child abuse case. Most cops don't like CPS due to the dealing with the kid factor that the cops get called in on.

    I can tell you that if you want to get a good understanding of how to investigate child cases, that's a good way to go if you are doing it to bide your time until hired. Thye are anything BUT handholders. I don't see alot of cops spending all day and night with one kid trying to get them taken care of. I do see cops dropping the kid with CPS and..."Later".

    Cops that think CPS workers are nothing are full of BS and are lazy. Yes. There are a few bad apples, but if you take the time to make connections with CPS, you can really go far. Nothing better than being able to call CPS at night, ID yourself and get an instant response because they KNOW YOU!
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