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Passed Pysch, Poly is next


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  • Passed Pysch, Poly is next

    Don't know what more to ask or say that hasn't already been put in other threads.

    I get to take my first Poly next week. Assuming I pass my first BG will start. Then that sould be it.

    This is for a reserve gig.

    I also have a preliminary BG interview with a local SO, however they are behind the curve verses this other agency. Sooooo, I'll be using the time to shake out those cob webs regarding what I'll be faced with in the poly a few days later.

    I would like some ideas how to dance around the fact I'm taking the Poly with the PD and effectively going to be off the table in regard to the SO when they ask which agencies I applied too and where I am in the process. The SO is just too far behind, and at this point the PD shouldn't pass me up when I pass the Poly. In the event I fail the poly the SO likely wouldn't touch me either (I just dont see why I should fail though).

    I am really glad I passed the pysch though. That was nerve racking. I got the impression words were trying to be put in my mouth, and why the heck does it matter if I am ticklish, or which president I think is better (Washington or Lincoln). Also, one of the 400 questions was "do I get hungry?"

    Hungry? Really? Are they serious? Anyway, I passed and at least one professional feels I am of the needed mentality (for good or bad).
    "Corruptisima republica plurimae leges."

    "The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws."
    - Cornelius Tacitus

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    Congrats! Sounds like you are on the right track. It won't be long and you'll be looking back at all those hoops you had to jump through and saying: "Hell yes, I did it!"

    Best of luck! Just tell the truth on the poly and you'll be fine.


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