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  • Just need an opportunity...

    I am 28 years old and over the past year or so have really become interested in becoming a police officer in Texas... DFW area.

    I have taken two tests and two physicals and have past both only to realize that I am on a list with 200 other people for 5 positions available in the next fiscal year and the list is only good for 1 year.

    The departments I have attempted to get on with are very good departments but smaller ones (Smaller than Dallas and Arlington and Irving.. ext).

    I really have the burn to become a police officer but have found it very difficult to get a legitimate shot at getting on with a department as a new recruit.

    I have a bachelor's degree with a B average in college and I am in great physical shape and have never had any background problems and have never taken any form of drugs... I also have a very good work ethic and background and good credit..

    Does anyone have any tips for making my desire of becoming a police officer a reality?

    Should I try to get on at a larger department first such as Arlington, Dallas, or Irving?

    Just want to have an opportunity to serve and to protect others in a team environment and to start a new career that is going somewhere and doing something a little bigger than the corporate rat race.

    Thanks in advance for responses.

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    If I were you, I would just apply everywhere like a wild person. Do not limit yourself! Your main goal is to get into the pension system ASAP.

    Good Luck!
    We ride for those who died!

    RIP SgtCHP!


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      The DFW Area has many LE agencies, thus potential opportunities. Departments with plenty of people to choose from is normal. That ability to pick and choose is amplified with the current state of the economy. I would recommend that you apply with several agencies in the area, large and small. Most, if not all agencies will have websites. That should make your research somewhat easier. Measure yourself against a Department's standards and requirements. If you feel you'll be a fit, apply. You can anticipate considerable competition, but that's pretty much of a given in today's environment.


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        Police Academy Commander
        Lead Firearms Instructor
        35+ years as a cop
        Becoming a Police Officer
        So you think you can do this job?

        I accept all private messages requesting help or advice, why else bother to be here?


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          Thanks for everyone's help..

          I've actually applied to about 10 different departments local, state and federal including US Customs, Dallas, Arlington, Irving, Plano, Mesquite, Allen, Collin County Sheriffs dept. ext so I guess I'll just keep applying and testing till I get a position.

          Thanks guys.


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