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    Hello all,
    First of all thanks for all the help everyone has provided on this site. In march I tested for the police dept. I ranked 5th on list and have completed everything in the hiring process. My BI said that the last step is the review board where all of the peoples folders are looked over then they approve who can have a final job offer. My question is how many people does this board narrow it down to? I ranked 5th so I feel very confident however as everyone here knows when your going through your background process that is very long and nervous. I feel that some minor things may hold me back. I tried marajuana 8 years ago maybe my neighbro was unhappy with me so on and sofourth. So should I be worried at this point? What do final review boards look for? Any help is appreciated thanks

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    I dont know about your dept but they will most likely narrow it down to as many slots as they have available maybe plus 1. If 4 slots are available they might hire 5 just in case any of the first 4 dont make the academy or something along those lines.
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      If we are hiring one, we'll send two, maybe three to the poly. If we're hiring two, we'll send three or four, depending on how we feel about the applicants. Some civil service agencies have a "rule of three" or a rule of five," which means the board picks the top three or five candidates and the chief picks whoever he wants out of that limited list.


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        A lot will depend on the civil service rules of the town in question (if they even have any). <G>

        Usually two factors come into play at this point. First, the background seeks to find anything in the applicant's personal history that meets the criteria for DQ.

        Once they have used that to eliminate undesirable candidates, most civil service agencies have the Rule of Three, which allows them to appoint anyone from the remaining top three combined written and oral test scores. You can select from these three candidates for any reason or for no reason and you don't have to say why. It can be because you like their haircut, or because they are your brother-in-law, or because they go to your church, or because they are a minority, or because they bring a special skill to the job. Their selection is all at the department's whim.
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          Yeah that's what I was thinking. Just worried I had a few immature pictures on myspace and minor stuff like that. I guess I worry too much about stuff I just hate to wait!!! Thanks for the help


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