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When/How to apply for deployed National Guardsman?


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  • When/How to apply for deployed National Guardsman?

    Hello All,

    First, the relevant portion of the Five W's. I am a 23 YOA Sergeant in the Army National Guard. I am currently deployed to Iraq.

    Clean as far as prior convictions, driving record, drug use, and all the standard disqualifiers. No peanut butter incidents lol. Some small blemishes on my credit that after research here and other places I highly doubt will keep me from getting hired (I believe in answering my own questions if I can.)

    Can't get too specific for OPSEC reasons on an open forum but I will be returning to the States next spring (April time frame). I want to do everything I can to expedite the hiring process including applying at many departments (No "one basket of eggs" for me).
    Now the questions I haven't been able to answer and would appreciate your input on:

    1. I am debating when to start applying to the various departments I am considering. Also, am I really at a point that I can apply (Being outside the United States and with the extended period of time before I can interview/test)? Hence the next question.

    2. Would it be worth my while at this time to send a "query letter" for lack of a better term? Basically the way this concept is shaping up in my pea brain is a packet containing a short letter of introduction (The five w's again including that I am currently deployed), a short bio, resume, possibly a photo in a class A uniform shirt

    With today’s economy I can’t afford to do this halfway and I have plenty of time on my hands here I can devote to this process. Tenacity is a trait I have in spades, and thought I’d ask for everyone’s opinion before I implement this plan of action. Will it annoy the departments? Get me to stand out in the positive way I want?

    Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance for your input and thanks always for putting your 1* on the line.

    Regards from the sandbox,

    SGT C.
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    Anyone? 37 views and nobody has had the urge to say anything one way or the other? Must have made the post too long Just as an update, I am expanding my search to Idaho and Eastern Washington...particularly interested in the Lewiston/Nez Perce County area because of the proximity of schools for the little woman to work with, anybody have any experience with this area? I see Lewiston PD is only taking laterals at this time, but maybe an opportunity can be found with some persistence, luck, and the time I have. Thanks!


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      hang on..still reading the first post..
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        I would put some applications in to the departments you are looking at... looking like you are avabile starting in April 2010? Just make a note of that on your application.

        Most departments will be willing to work with your military schedule.

        The hiring process can take some time... some departments take up to a year.
        http://www.truepolicestories.net - my website of all my stories as a police officer. Please read it and become a member!


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          I wouldn't put down your CCW/Thunder Ranch stuff...it really means nothing and can actually put you in a negative light.

          A letter of inquiry is fine. Don't send me your certificates and class A photo because it's all going in the trash. If we're hiring, we're hiring. If we're not, we're not. I'm not keeping all that crap.

          Around here, most departments of the size you are interested in want their new hires to be certified when hired. Is that the expectation of the departments in question, or will they send you to the academy?
          It may not be right, but expect small departments to pass you over for a guy who isn't going to be deployed. The chief of an 8 man dept. doesn't want one of his guys gone for a year next time you get called up. Some departments will welcome a citizen soldier with open arms, others will avoid you like the plague.


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