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    Hello, My name is Mike and I am 21. Starting classes this fall towards my CJ degree. I am planning on applying at most of the hiring department around the Hampton Roads Areas. I have had 4 moving violations previously. My last was in May of 2008 (1yr ago). 3 for speeding and 1 for improper driving. I know that If I make into an oral board with this, I will have alot of work selling myself, Do you officers think that there has been enough time since my last violation to give me a fair shot or realistically will I need to put more time since my last moving violations?

    Also, I have quite a few non-moving violations. (I.E., Window Tint, Improper Exhausts, improper equipment). Most have been dropped due to the issue being corrected, but do departments look at those as well?

    Thanks for your time and responses.

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    Have you gotten rid of the rice rocket yet?

    Yes, departments will look at all your citations, not just the moving violations. Also, unless something has changed since 2006 when I last worked in LE in Virginia, you don't get charged with improper driving in Virginia, you get charged with reckless driving and a judge who is feeling nice reduces it to improper driving. The original charge will be looked at seriously if it was for reckless driving. A year between a single moving violation on one's record and application would probably be enough, a year since one's most recent speeding ticket (of 3), plus a reckless driving charge, and "quite a few" non-moving violation tickets that tend to reflect a level of immaturity (like improper equipment, tint, illegal exaust, etc.) is probably not nearly enough.

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