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  • One Little (big) problem

    I'm formally new to the forum, but I've read different topics on Officer.com for a few years now. I'm hoping someone could help me, and alleviate some of the fears I have concerning my application process!

    I applied to two police departments in S. FL. I have never used drugs, never been convicted of any crimes. I have some law enforcement experience, stemming from Corrections. As a plus, I have a MSCJ, I'm minority AND female. There's just one problem... my credit is bad . No bankruptcies or forclosures or anything severe. I've been paying down my debt. When I asked one of the Departments if I would still have a chance, they said, "maybe you should re-apply when your debts are paid off." (I didn't withdraw.) While I've read on previous posts that they look at your credit to ensure that you can be trusted in your duties, I would hate to be denied on this one thing. Especially in THIS economy, how jobs are so scarce. But I know it can happen...

    I'm really frustrated because this is making me nervous and I'm disappointed, because I know I can do the job, and I've never had questionable behavior. Do you think my bad credit will disqualify me from the process? Should I still apply? Please let me know your honest opinions. Thanks.

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    Here goes...

    You are fine! You are probably like a lot of others out there. Your debt does not sound that bad....you are paying your bills, this is good. I believe the comment of paying off your debt then applying was, well,,,,,,I won't comment. Who the heck does not have a bit of debt!!! ??

    Anyway you will never know the answer to your question unles syou apply and go through the process.

    Take it from someone who has met more cops that have gone bankrupt.......
    they are still cops....

    Good luck...don't let it get to you.


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      Credit check be performed on all peace officer candidates to assess the individual's ability and willingness to effectively manage financial responsibilities, as a measure of dependability and integrity.

      The problem is that there can be no "one size fits all" assessment in this area because in some instances, outwardly negative information may involve legal rights and even factors that are completely outside of the candidate’s control. Financial opportunities can be limited as much by race, gender, marital status, and even geography, rather than by willful acts of the applicant.

      In short, a lot will depend on your particular circumstances and whether your actions reflected a responsible effort to properly manage your debt. To give you an idea as to how this is evaluated, go to http://www.post.ca.gov/selection/bim/bi.pdf and take a look at pages 116 through 120. While this is the California standard, the principles are pretty much universal for most of law enforcement.
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        My colleagues have provided some great advice. Make every reasonable effort to be servicing your debts at the time you apply. Believe me, with the economy in it's current state, this is becoming more and more of a problem. Prior to applying with a given agency, you might wish to speak to a Recruiter regarding your specific situation. I wish you well in your efforts.


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