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How many years of LE did you do to make Detective?


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  • How many years of LE did you do to make Detective?

    From what I understand, it takes several years of experience in patrolling in order to make it to Detective. It makes sense, I doubt anyone could jump right into the role of detective without first having some sort of hands on experience with dealing with basic police duties.

    I'm interested in the duties and job functions of detectives but know very little about them, what they make, the hours they work, and how they go about doing their jobs.

    I'm definitely interested in LE, but I'm also interested in the FBI/SA ops and wondered if being a Detective would offer a little bit of both.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    It usually takes 5+ years.


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      Originally posted by ten08
      It took me ten years but I didn't like it. Seemed all I was doing was report writing. After six months I opted back to Tactical Squad.
      Was there a significant bump in pay?


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        It took me 4 years. But I had previous LEO Experience at another department. And the pay was an additional $100 a month. But also lots of OT and call out pay.
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          11 years, promotion gave 10% more, lots of unpaid OT. Biggest part was waiting for an opening
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            It all really depends on your situation, your experience, how well you interview, and what department you are looking to get on with. I was able to get into a state investigator position with about 4 years patrol experience. I almost say I moved up TOO fast, because I just became restless doing investigative work when I wanted to be out on patrol. I am in the process now of getting back into patrol work because I am not ready yet to ride a desk. Point being, though, there are opportunities out there as long as you know where to look and what you are doing. In Florida, there are several state-level detective positions that only require a degree and "2 years sworn experience" - they prefer that 2 years to be investigative experience, but it isn't REQUIRED, so it depends on what position you go for and who you are competing with when you apply.
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