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  • Are they watching me?

    I just found out that a police department I tested with back on July has been calling some of the people on my app. I have not heard anything from them since the day of the test. Here it is Dec. and I hear they are calling them. I still have not talked to them. Do I call them and say im just checking up on my app from July? Could they be checking up on me first so they can see if they want to call me?
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    What it probably means is when you first tested, you didn't score high enough to be picked up at that time. Now that several months have gone by, they have worked their way down the hiring list, gone through everyone with a higher score than you and finally reached your position. Sounds like they are starting your background or at least doing preliminary checks.
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      Yes, they are watching you. Right now in fact, as you read this.. You know, people like to tell jokes about tin foil hats, but I've found that if you tuck it up under a ball cap, the end result is the same, and it's much less obvious.

      Ok, I thought it was funny, anyhow I agree with the above, they are starting your background, you should be excited.
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        Agreed. In other words, it looks like good news.(Hope so). You're finding out, these things take some time. Continued good luck.


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