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  • A Rant

    I've been lurking on here for 8 months now, and almost everyday I look in the hiring section just to get a kick out of some of the questions asked. Come on people if you do not have the common sense enough to fill out the most obvious questions correctly (ie: not lie about it either). What makes you think that you are cut out to hold a position that takes the most common sense to have. If the question asks you about your driving record (example not the only one these guys like to lie about) list what has happened, do not try to candy coat it, do not try to lie about just freaking write down what happened. If it's going to DQ you why on earth would you want to look like a Dumb A** and have the BI find out about it later, and then try to weasel out of why you did not disclose it earlier.

    Granted there are some legit questions asked on here, but come on guys if you have to come on an Internet site to ask how to fill out an application, maybe you should consider another occupation

    OK stepping off the soap box

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    I have been reading the forum as well and think the same thing!! Although, there is so much great advice on this forum, I can't thank everyone enough!


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