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Recent academy graduate seeking advice from LEO/BI/Recruiter


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  • Recent academy graduate seeking advice from LEO/BI/Recruiter

    I am a recent law enforcement academy graduate (6/10) and have passed my FDLE state exam (6/25). I'm looking for some advice regarding agency application/hiring as I'm having trouble obtaining a position with an agency. The job market for the Central Florida region does not seem what I would hoped it would be when I first entered the academy. I'm even having a hard time getting my "foot in the door" as I have received 5 "sorry we have chosen a more qualified applicant" letters, 3 different agencies that state "due to the information on your application and our preliminary backround investigation, a position with our agency will not be made available".
    Let me know if I am waisting my time or should I be patient and keep applying? I'm 36 years old and did some dumb things in the past, but they were 16 years ago. I know I have a few red flags on my backround which I will be happy to explain below.
    Drug History
    Nitrous Oxide 7/99 1 time
    Wife's prescribed oxycode 8/05 1 time (root canalled tooth)
    Arrest history
    5/92 Loitering/Prowling non-criminal
    A friend and I were waiting in my car for a girl to sneek out of her apartment (she lived with her parents) we were approached by law enforcement and asked for I.D. Unfortunately I also held a false I.D. to show I was 21. I only used the I.D to gain admittance to a bar and purchase alcohol (Wisconsin). The person who's info I used to get the false I.D. had an outstanding warrant, so of course I took a ride.
    6/92 Damage to property-misdemeanor
    Myself and 3 other parties turned over a vehicle causing the vehicle to be totaled.
    I paid restitution, served 18 months probation, and 80 hours of community service.
    Driving History
    11/91-12/91 DL Suspended-failure to pay citation
    08/92-12/92 DL Revoked-probation violation
    11/91 Operating while suspended
    03/06 Unlawful speed (fine paid, pts assessed)
    10/06 Unlawful speed (fine paid, traffic school)
    GED obtained 5/96
    Law enforcement CMS 1/28- 6/10 exam passed 6/25
    I have had 3 gaps of employment
    7/08 -current
    4/07-7/07 (obtained State Mortgage broker License)
    10/04-2/05 (at home father to newborn daughter)
    I had a judgement for overdue child support issued in 2006, and recently cleared it up 6/08 and remain current in payments. I understand that it would not look good for an agency to have an officer behind in payments. I obtained a loan from family to be able to remain current until my payments are garnished from my wages.
    I have had questions on applications like "How man times have you driven under the influence of alcohol and could have been arrested" My answer was 6-10 times. "When was the last time". 2003. I know this showed poor judgement, but it was honest.
    I know this is a tough job market and without a College Degree or Military experience and on paper I may not be the best candidate. I still know possess what it takes to be successful in law enforcement. Just having a hard time remaining optimistic as my wife is suggesting a different career.

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    Nothing there is technically an auto-disqualifier but to be honest I wouldn't hire you. At best you need to let a lot of time go by.


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      Possession of the oxycodone (you had to possess it to take it, right?) is a felony in Wisconsin... it's a schedule II narcotic.

      As for flipping the car over... it must have been a pretty crappy car. Depending on the value of the damages, that probably would have been a felony here too... $2500 brings damage to property into the felony range.

      Personally, I see a pretty big lack of care for the law. Like jakflak said, you need to let a lot of time go by. And I'll be honest with you, even that might not help.


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        Your post contains the answer to the question(s) you're asking. I generally try to encourage a potential applicant, but in your particular case I'd be less than honest if I did so. There are simply too many issues there. I'm not going to go over them with a fine tooth comb. Your personal history, taken in it's totality, is ample grounds for disqualification or non-select.


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          Looking at your past there is no reason to sugar coat it:

          You are not employable as a law enforcement officer.


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            Thanks for taking the time to answer and the reality check. I don't understand why the academy wouldn't have addressed my backround, as it was on my academy application. It's just a little disheartening that after recommendations from my family and friends in law enforcement, who all know my personal history don't get to make that hiring decision. I don't mean to sound like sour grapes but after quitting my job, and putting myself through the academy, I end up struggling to achieve my dream. Sure I did some stupid things in the past, but that was 16yrs ago. How much time needs to pass? Not to make excuses or trying to be defensive but the oxycodone (may even have been Tylenol 3) use was 1 pill 1 time for a tooth I later had root canalled. Yes I know this is still using a prescription from another person. As far as the damage to property. My portion for the damage to vehicle was $900 and I was told by the DA at the time, that it could have fallen under a Felony charge because total damage was over $2500. I'm not trying to justify my actions in any way as I know I was a rebelious idiot 16 years ago.


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              I don't want to seem like I'm hijacking this thread, but I am curious about a situation that actually happened to me a few months ago (19 then, 20 now, will be atleast 24 before I consider employment as a LE).

              Anyway, some friends of mine thought it would be cool to have me pick something up for them. Unbeknownst to me they had attempted to schedule a prostitute. Regardless, nothing went down but I'm curious how this will effect my application.

              Has anyone ever had the issue of a prostitute on their polygraphs, or think it will come into play? I have never had any arrests and only 2 tickets in my short life span so far.


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                Ski what did you do to violate your probation? You have listed your license was revoked for a probation violation in late 92 and list only one event leading to your probation. You do not list the action that led to the probation violation.
                But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

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                  kc12 sorry it's a long explanation. I didn't have an understanding of what probation was, my (very incorrect) idea was that as long as you don't have police contact you were ok. I failed to visit a probation officer for as a part of 6 months probation sentence, although I had already paid my restitiution, fine, and served 40 hours of assigned community service. Obviously a bench warrant, along with revocation of DL was issued 8/92 and I didn't have police contact until I was a witness to a disturbance at a mall where I was managing a retail store 12/92. So after 3 days in Milwaukee County House of Correction (the worst 3 days of my life), and additional 1yr probation and 40 additional hours of community service I decided it was time to grow up and make a concious decision not to go down that path ever again.


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