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    Hey all, new to the forums. Glad I can come here and read about LEO's.

    A little about me: I am 19 years old, formerly born in a bad place in New jersey. I moved to Maine last year to attend College. My Major is Criminal Justice.

    I have worked at a bar as a bouncer for about 6 months now. I love the job, being in a security role. I recently applied to a Jail to be a full-time Correctional Officer. This is the single most step I have ever taken to advancing my career. I know I can do the job well, without a doubt.

    The process has already been almost completed. I have taken my written, strength, and running tests (passing each with flying colors) and have gone through my Oral Boards. I used all the experience I have gotten from the Bar I work at to complete my boards, and my interest in the Criminal Justice career to pass my Boards as well.

    I filled out the entire Background check and Integrity Questionnaire. I was as honest as humanly possible while I was filling out both packets. If it was something that fit the guidelines, I answered it (For instance; Have I ever started a fire intentionally? A: Yes, I started a fire in my firepit in my backyard) and I explaining extenuating circumstances (For instance; Have I ever accessed child po**ography? A: No, I have never intentionally accessed it, however, it has popped up on occasion. I never intentionally and purposefully seek out the material.) Basically questions like that.

    After returning my two packets (last Thursday) I was fingerprinted and they started the background check process. The officer I am in contact with, a Sgt. within the HR department, said he would contact me in the next week to schedule my Polygraph.

    It's now Tuesday, and I have yet to hear back from him. I applied with two friends, one of them was already turned down (he had gotten to the Polygraph section as well) and the other is still waiting to hear back for his written and strength tests.

    I'm nervous about the Polygraph. Since the 5 days where I have been sitting here waiting, I have been thinking about the lie detector. I have nothing to hide, everything I had written down on that paper is 100% true and accurate, but i'm just worried that I will remember something else during my lie detector.

    This is the start to my career. I eventually want to apply to a local PD when I hit 21, and my ultimate goal is to somehow become a U.S. Marshal.

    What do you guys think my chances are? Can anyone give me any advice, or anything I should do in the meantime? Do you think they haven't contacted me about the Polygraph because they turned me down, I just haven't heard from them yet? (They sent my friend a letter via postal service..) I'm just worried because I am very excited to get this job, and I want to start my career in the Crim. Justice path.

    For reference; I have never taken or used any drugs, ever. My football career is too important to me (I played high-school, and now I play Semi-Pro) and I do my best to stay out of trouble. I'm 99% sure I don't have a record, and i've only been 19 for two months.

    Thanks for all the help in advance. I could really use some encouraging words, it's very discouraging to me to be put through this process and than told to 'wait and we'll get back to you' especially when you don't know when that is. Any advice and comments are appreciated and thanks to everyone who responds.

    Lincoln County Correctional Officer

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    Is it Southern Maine? PM me the department or county. Ill see if I can help you out. I know a lot about the agencies down here.


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      Just so everyone can catch up..

      I was scheduled with a security company that will do my polygraph exam. I'm am extremely nervous. I don't have anything to hide from him, and intend to tell him everything about the questions he asks me, with 100% honesty. A buddy of mine went through the same process and failed the lie detector portion, and now i'm nervous as anything.

      Lincoln County Correctional Officer


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