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  • Small town politics

    I have a follow up question from a previous forum post.

    I am 26 years old and have a college degree in Criminology. I also have approximately 3 years experience on patrol. Due to an unfortunate incident with another officer on the department, I am presently not a police officer. (For those that would like to know about the incident, see a forum titled resignations....nevertheless, the incident involved another officer and I shooting an airsoft gun and one of resigned to prevent suspension)

    Anyhow, I have applied several places since leaving my department in May 2008. During the interviews, each department asks why I left my other department to which I have been replying with "Small town politics."

    I was just wondering what everyone thought about small town politics and if people know what I am talking about when I mention it. Most interviewers have not asked me to elaborate, however, I don't want them to think I am dodging the question.

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    without getting into details of your situation, i started in a VERY small dept that had 10 officers including me. yes small town politics are a pain but just remember small towns have phones and fax machines too so be careful what you say, most likely the new employer will call and talk to your old chief. hopefully he will be cool and say you resigned under good circumstances in an attempt not to ruin your career
    In god i trust everyone else gets run on NCIC


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