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    I recently took the written and oral test for a Police Cadet position at a local department. A person in my college class also took the same tests, and his brother is an officer for this department, and therefore knows some of the staff. Well, he told me that his brother found out and told him the questions verbatim ahead of time that were going to be on the oral test. I became a little frustrated at hearing this, but let it go.

    Well, he then tells me that he passed the tests and is now in the background process. Obviously he has not been hired, but he says that he is paid (clocks in) for each meeting with his BI. Is this supposed to happen? He told me twice, so I know I didn't mishear him.

    Finally, he told me that his BI suggested he just goes for a Police Officer position because of his age and qualifications. The BI told him about the written test, which took place this past Tuesday, but my friend said he couldn't make it because he had school all day. The BI then told him that he would go talk to my friend's teachers in person, tell them to excuse him for the day, and pick up assignments and stuff. The BI actually did this, my friend ended up taking the written test that day for Police Officer, and by the next day, he had found out he passed.

    I am not an expert in the procedure for hiring and what goes on behind the scenes, but it sounds like his brother revealing the questions to him, being paid just to meet with his BI, the BI telling his teachers to excuse him to take the Police Officer written test, and my friend finding out within one day or less that he passed the Officer written test, all sounds a bit fishy. I sure know if I could not make it to the written test because of school, I'd be stuck.

    I was just wondering if this is a distinct problem or if it's plain old basic police politics, which I've learned about from reading Officer.com, and thus there is nothing distinctly wrong.

    Thank you in advance, and I am sorry this is rather lengthy.

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    Cheating on the test is one of the polygraph questions and an auto-disqualifier everywhere.


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