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  • Polygraph test

    Ok I just did my polygraph and there was something regarding concern. First off when I left I asked how I did she said that she wasn't supposed to say but ya I did ok and said she hoped I'll be a good cop. Now there was some questions that she said I was iffy on.

    First my drug history. I fully disclosed that when I was eight I huffed paint and was stupid for that. That was the ONLY time I ever played around with drugs. Now she said during both tests I spiked a bit. I didn't lie! I am wondering if since I have really strong feelings against drugs if that would cause a reaction. I've had friends ruin their lives because of that stuff.

    Secondly the question if I ever wronged a person severely. Like hurt someone physically, cheated on a girlfriend, forced sex on a person that type of thing. I never have hurt anyone save the fact that I gave another Marine a bloody nose during a training exercise, but I disclosed that too.

    Also I am wondering if my current emotional state could have thrown it off because a day and a half ago a close family member died and I'm still pretty upset. I told her bout that too.

    I hope it doesn't sound like I'm making excuses because I really wanna be a cop and fully understand that integrity is a must. I just hope that I passed and am fully aware that if I did fail its a huge black mark against me. Would I still be able to apply for different agencies? Ok I'll shut up and let y'all do your thing. Rip me to shreds I want a straight answer of what y'all think.
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    You can apply to other agencies. Polygraph is junk science at best.


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      In the State of Texas the examiner is required by State Law, (Texas Polygraph Examiners Board) to tell you how you did on your polygraph and give you an opportunity to respond. I would suggest that you retest with the same department. "IF" you passed the examination, and they disqualified you for other reasons, then they will not do a retest. You can file a complaint with the TPEB regarding the examiner not telling you how you did on the examination. I would remain honest and apply at other departments, and thank you for serving your country honorably. Best of luck.
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