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Application and past work experience question..


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  • Application and past work experience question..

    So I started filling out the Civil service application's to take a few upcoming test's and they are asking for work experience.

    I've been at my current employer for about a year and 8 months and I feel like im doing well..

    The application says "Have you ever been released from employment for any reason other than money/layed off" YES/NO

    My question is my last job I was working as a tech for a large staffing agency and I worked for a specific manager for about a year, I then was asked if I would cover for someone at a different location who was going to be out for a few months so I said yes. I worked very hard for them. I then transferred and the new manager was awfull to work with, was "cleaning house" you could say because they were going to lose the contract for the IT work and I was let go on a friday.. out of nowhere. She didn't explain why or anything but made me sign a piece of paper which I should have read before signing. I think it was termination papers. She also fired three people that day. She was a nightmare to work for. I tried getting in contact with them but the company no longer has the contract there.. I assume I should list this on my application? Should I attach a sheet with all my previous experience and list in detail all the reasons for leaving etc? I dont want the fact that I got let go from that AWFULL job to ruin my LEO career chances..

    Thanks everyone for the advice..

    I also had a question regarding test taking.. I live in a smaller area and there are probably only 5-6 departments around me which all pull from the same civil service test. How in the heck do you get a job if 2000 people apply and there are only 10 positions or so? It would seem impossible to get a job.
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    Trying to get on in NY...
    PM me if you hear of any upstate NY departments that are giving a civil service test.

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    List the job. If you think you were layed off because of a pending loss of work or loss of a contract, say so.

    Yes, it can be extremely difficult to get an LE job.


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