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a couple questions regarding post and pat


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  • a couple questions regarding post and pat


    I have been looking into a career in Law Enforcement for some time and have been lurking on this forum for a while now. But now that I'm entering my last year at my University and actually applying for full-time jobs, the reality of a career in law enforcement has set in.

    I have a few questions regarding the hiring process. In the physical exams (I believe it is called the PAT) taken after the written test in the hiring process, I know it depends on the dept and that every dept has different exercises with a point system. If you are extremely physically fit and score well on their PAT does that matter at all in the hiring process? If I somehow manage to get the maximum number of points in the physical exam and am one of the top candidates in that class, how heavily does that weigh in the application process? Are there any advantages or disadvantages for such a high score? Do they send you to a harder academy, higher pay, etc? What about graduating at the top of the class in the academy? (Assuming there is a ranking system)

    Also, I am a bit confused about POST. I believe Basic POST certificate is something you receive after graduation from the academy. And then you go back for more training for an Intermediate and Advanced Certificate. What are the detailed requirements for most depts in California to be able to go for an Intermediate or Advanced POST training? I assume you cannot just go back to back after you finish basic POST.

    All answers are appreciated!
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    Most entry level fitness tests are pass/fail, at least around here. So no, 200 extra push-ups isn't going to move you higher up the list. Everyone goes to the same academy. Some departments have physical fitness pins that you wear on your uniform and/or give a small pay incentive. Most, again, around here, do not.


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      Hi Bocadillodelemo,

      I just took my PAT this past Sunday, for the city of Las Cruces NM. We were timed on a 1.5 mile run, 300 meter dash, one minute push up, one minute sit up, and a sit and reach test.

      Like Just Joe mentioned, ours was pass/fail. They encouraged us to go beyond the minimum to pass though, but we would not receive any extra points or anything.

      For example, for my age group, we had to do 29 push ups in under a minute. They told us not to stop at 29 (if we could even do that) and to keep pushing yourself past the minimum. I made it to 36, but an instructor told me minus 3 for shaking toward the end, so I really ended up with 33.

      I imagine every department, city, and state is different though. Just check around, or call up your local academy coordinator to find out. Good luck!


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        Okay thanks for the answer! I guess regardless, be ready and be fit so the academy doesn't kick my ***.


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