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Six months before deployment


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  • Six months before deployment

    Hey there guys
    I am scheduled to deploy to iraq in April 09 with my guard unit. I have finally received my US citizenship and now I want to start applying to police agencies. Unfortunately the naturalization process took a little longer than I had bargained for and now I only have six months before we go.

    Im looking for a little advice here please. Would it be a waste of everyone's time to apply now with the timeframe that I have? I realize that I would be no good to a police department by taking up a slot on the payroll and not being there but I would really like to get something squared away for when I return.

    Appreciate any input, thanks for your time.

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    NOTE: I AM NOT A SWORN INDIVIDUAL...I just figured my advice WILL help.

    What I recommend you do is go to a local academy (community college, private academy, etc) and get your P.O.S.T. certification (or whatever it is in your state) done. You could talk to some departments and see if they would hire you and put you through an academy, but who knows what they'll do since you'll be gone for a year.

    You might have to pay for your own academy, but im guessing you could use GI bill on it if you do it at a school. That way, when you're back from Iraq, all you have to do is get hired, maybe complete a refresher course and your FTO and you're all set.

    Like i said, thats just my advice since you'll be gone for a year.

    Whats your MOS? Combat arms will help a lot, but if not, you're still getting a leg up on the rest of us.

    Good luck man!
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      Im a Scout, but we will be doing infantry work out there. I guess I'll enquire at a few departments and see what kind of response I get. cheers!


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