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what are my chances from this letter...


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  • what are my chances from this letter...

    i'm reading over my letter that pretty much sumed up said i was " unsuitable".

    heres the two major paragraphs from the letter:
    "The position of deputy sheriff, as with all peace officers, requieres that strict standars be met. the criteria for selecting an individual as a "suitable" candidate are based on the 10 POST job dimensions. a peace officer candidate must meet all 10 dimensions in order to qualify.

    Unfortunately, i must inform you that you have not met all the POST job dimensions and/or the min. requirements for deputy sheriff. The results of your background investigation have determined you to be "unsuitable" as a deputy sheriff at this time.We encourage you to re-apply with our office in two years."

    what are my chances now at another agency from that??

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    I would say that you should keep on applying at other places. It all depends on what is in your background that DQ'd you for now. Check the regs of the agency you are looking at before you apply.
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      Based on that info, it sounds like a standard letter. If they gave no specific thing, i.e. you have 5 convictions or whatever, it really doesn't tell you anything other then you weren't selected at that time. Keep in mind, just about anywhere you apply, there are many, many more people also applying. You may have simply been one-upped by others. And it does encourage you to apply again, so it's nothing that will absolutely keep you from getting in with them, just not this go around.

      I'm going to guess this is your first rejection letter. If it is, don't sweat it much if you can and keep applying to other agencies, unless you know there is something in your background that is an auto-dq. Since I don't know the POST job dimensions, I can't really guess at the part they found you unsuited for, but it can be too young, too inexperienced, not enough time since last marijuana use, bad credit history...there's a plethora of little things that it could be...only you really know.
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