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I passed written and phsycial agility test...


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  • I passed written and phsycial agility test...

    Hi everyone,

    I remember coming to this place way back in April, posting a few questions and taking my time in browsing others. Well, I finally took the written exam for the city of Las Cruces this past Saturday, and I passed that and took the physical agility test the next day Sunday morning.

    The written test wasn't too hard. I studied well in advance, and sure enough, most of the study guides were right on. I dressed nice, just a nice tucked in polo shirt, and clean pair of jeans with nice shoes. Nothing too fancy. Some people had on dirty, torn jeans, cowboy hats, etc. I know its just a test, but dang...

    About 200+ showed up for the written, and only around 100 passed. Out of those, only a total of about 27 passed the overall fitness tests. When we were done with the fitness test, we had to head over to the academy, and turn in our PHS, filled out and completed. Some people still hadn't made copies of certain pages, or had all their paperwork together. The lead instructor let it pass for some of them, as they were able to turn it in the next day. He let us know who had everything, how critical it is to follow directions, and he was glad we did.

    So, I'm proud that I made it from all those people. I really do owe a lot to this board, especially PhilipCal who has helped me and many others on here. So, thank you. I really mean that.

    Last, I really haven't done anything yet. Just passed two tests. The hard part now is waiting, and making sure I pass the BI, as well as the other exams. I am proud of what I've done so far, but trust me, I know I haven't done anything yet.

    Thanks again guys, I'll let you all know how things are going!

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    Eric, Good job, and thanks for the kind words. You've overcome the first major hurdles. Yeah, it's amazing how many people seem not to take their futures too seriously. I refer to the torn jeans etc. I don't have a problem with a cowboy hat as long as the person under it is dressed halfway decently and neatly. It's also amazing how many people are willing to turn in sloppy, incomplete paper work. Well, that can be to your advantage and that of the applicants, who like you take simple pride in what they do. The waiting which now begins, is arguably the most difficult aspect of the process. I don't have any "magic bullets" for you there. Hang in there, keep your standards high, and keep us posted. Continued good luck.


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