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  • Disqualification


    I was in the background process and got permanently disqualified from a major central Texas police department. . I don't know why I got disqualified, but I have some ideas.

    I had blown away all the preliminary physical/ aptitude tests and felt confident that my background would be a breeze since I had been as honest as I possibly could.

    I told them from the get go that I was going to be as honest and straight forward as possible and didn't want to waste anyone's time and wrote down everything bad I'd ever done in my background statement. They looked over it and let me test and started a background on me. One issue I was concerned with was that I was supposed to list every LEO I knew and hesitantly put someone that I had a bad-blood history with 10 years previous. They were a civilian at the time. During the Background my BI was calling all my references, then all of a sudden it got quiet with quite a few people that still hadn't been called. I called my BI and she told me that she had already talked to everyone she needed to talk to. Two weeks later I got my letter. No chance to explain, no chance to contest.

    My questions are: Should I pursue finding out why I got permanently disqualified? Is an LEO's word always considered gold and unquestionable against an untested civilian? Would it be reasonable to write a letter and ask what I can do to reverse the decision or if a decision is made is it a done deal?

    I can handle the reality of the situation, but many people including myself know I would make a great LEO. My background is far from perfect and I would be happy knowing that there just will always be better qualified persons than me, hence permanent disqualification. I'm under the impression that this is their loss, but I can't help but want to show them that I would still make a good candidate.

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    There's something you're not telling us.....


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      Nick, I can only reply to you in a very general sense. With many agencies, there is a difference between a Disqualification and a Non-Select. This is particularly true with Civil Service departments. As a rule, a DQ is appealable. The appeal is strictly governed by time limits. Essentially, in an appeal, the agency is required to justify DQ ing you. A Civil Service board or commission is the usual venue for such appeals. Quite often, it is to the distinct advantage of the appealant to hire an Attorney to pursue an appeal. This Attorney should be well versed in employment law, and more particularly familiar with DQ appeals. In the initial DQ letter an applicant recieves, a reason(s) for the action is seldom given. In an appeals hearing, it would be neccessary for the agency to give a reason/justification for a Disqualification. OTH, a Non-Select is typically not subject to appeal, and for that reason is often the option of choice in dropping an applicant. Please keep in mind too, that the Background Investigator is seldom if ever the person who determines whether or not an applicant advances further in the process. As has been noted. the BI performs two basic functions. He determines whether or not the applicant meets the basic entry level requirements for the department, and then determines whether or not there is anything in an applicant's background which would mandate disqualification. The findings are then reported to authorities higher up in the hiring process. When all is said and done, you know your background and any issues which may have lead to your disqualification. I respect any decision you make to not discuss them here. My point, and suggestion to you is this. In future applications, measure yourself objectively against a given department's entry requirements. Speak to a Recruiter or some knowlegeable Officer to determine if it's in your best interests to apply. I hope things work out for you.


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