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    Curious to know opinions about the following options I have presented for me before I apply.

    First, a small bit about me. I have been in LE for just about 9 years, first as a dispatcher and for the past 6 months working in a position where I do parking enforcement and patrol and traffic duties for parking lots at an airport.

    So I have a few options to me. I want to apply to be a cop, but for those that have been hired and been through the application process, how important did you think a college degree would play in looking at an applicant. I have the chance to attend a local school and get a degree in police science and was thinking about going. I could apply without it, but I have a few credit blemishes that I would like to take care of or get in the process of taking care of so that I can apply without having any other issues to hold me back.

    So what do you think? Having a college degree a plus or just a notch in the education belt?
    Thomas - aka HUCK
    PST II - Police Service Tech II

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    Huck, what I suggest is that you look closely at the educational requirements of any agency you apply to. I would never discount the overall value of a degree, but keep in mind that when you do your initial testing, the degree may be of no value to you at all. What I'm referring to here, is the initial written exam many departments require. Your mission there is not merely to pass the exam but to score highly enough (usually mid/high 90s) to advance in the progress. I understand your not wanting to go into detail concerning your credit issues, past or present. Very generally, most agencies are interested in how you're currently handling your debts. Any problems with accounts which have been charged off, referred to collections, or are delinquint, will be problems. Recent bankruptcys can be a problem, but are not neccessarily a DQ. If you are currently experiencing debt problems, make every attempt to get them corrected prior to applying. If your debt problems are in the past, they'll need to be disclosed, but needn't be issues, provided your payments/accounts are current. Good luck!!


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