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College or Military due to circumstances.


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  • College or Military due to circumstances.

    Okay, so I have just begun my second year of college, and I really like school and learning, but I have circumstances at home that may effect my future one day. I really not sure if it will, but I think it will a lot.

    So, I live with a relative who smokes marijuana. I have talked to her about it, but she doesn't believe it will effect me because it is my background and not hers. But, it is kind of stessful living here when I do not smoke the mj.

    As a result, I was thinking about joining the Navy, but I will not be able to join until February because I had surgery recently. I don't whether to join after I finish school and go in as a officer, or join in February. It's not that I don't want to join I really have focused myself around school and want to graduate.

    So what are your thoughts or advice? Which would you do in my situation.

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    Is there a question here?

    If you want a job with a clearance, distance yourself.

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      FINISH SCHOOL.... You don't have to go in as an officer either. You can go in enlisted, do three years and get your loans paid off by the military. That's assuming you have loans. Then if after three years you don't like the military you can get out and have the GI Bill still. If you want to do anything "special" they could look negatively on you leaving school because it's quitting.
      You'll have alot more doors open to you if you have a degree, both in the military and civilian life when you get out.
      As for your relative: Could someone use her drug problem to influence you or blackmail you? If so then you won't get a security clearance.
      If you just need a secret clearance all they're going to do is run a criminal history on you with the FBI and the local agencies wherever you lived. They will also run a credit check on you and interview you. No big deal.
      If you put in for a Top Secret then they're gonna interview people you list to get names of people both of you know so they can go talk to them. That's when your relative will come up more. In any case you should distance yourself from her.


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