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  • Please help! Navy Master @ Arms

    If there are any Navy Master at Arms out there, I could sure use your help. I dont have any faith in the recruiters whatsoever. It seems like a good opportunity, but; I just dont know what Im getting myself into. And quite frankly, Im no spring chicken anymore (34 years old, married with two kids).

    Ive been looking into the M.A. for the U.S. Naval Reserve and well; Im wondering how long the deployments are, and how often.

    I want to know the "exact" job description. What are the things I can and will do? In what type of environment? Ship? Base? Harbor? Or the battle zone (whatever landscape that might be, urban, mountainous, jungle ect.?) and what duties can I expect to perform in each of the environments that I can be assigned to?

    I desperately need answers because as far as Im concerned, I would be the Police of the Navy in a ship or Naval Base securing the area and making sure sailors are behaving? I suspect it can be comprised of much more.

    If anyone out there is king enough to help a bro with a real need for legitimate, non-self serving, objective answers, please help me out because God knows how much I really need to know before I enlist and make an enormous committment that is really not for me.

    -Many thanks
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    We'll for starters if you don't trust recruiters, why would you trust a bunch of random people on a internet forum.

    Look recruiters are not bad people, I joined the Marines back in 2001 and I still talk to my recruiter.

    As for the job you will go where the Navy tells you. Whether it be security in an Iraq, on ship, or at stateside base. I was an MP so I know the jobs are similar but still unique from each other so read this wiki article to get some good info on a MAA.

    As far as base security goes I believe it has been taken over by civilians at the major installations.


    The bottom line is you HAVE to talk to a recruiter. But make sure you contact a reserve recruiter and not an active duty one, they are separate. You might even come across a recruiter who is a MAA. But having this out right distrust of military recruiters (although sometimes hyped up in the media) is completely the wrong attitude to have and quite frankly is the last type of person I would want to serve with. Approach with an open mind, don't sign anything until you have all the details and read the fine print. Ask questions! If I was a recruiter and you wanted to know more about a MOS I knew little about I would put you in contact with a MAA, perhaps you can ask to speak to one. They are going to be a few in your local reserve unit for sure.


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