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  • Residency Requirement Question

    Note, I posted this in the WI section, but I was hoping that perhaps I could get some insight from police recruiters, officer's that were in the same situation as me, etc..


    I was just wondering if any WI LEO's could help me out with a situation that I'm currently facing. I live in Antioch, IL (which borders WI). Anyway's, I went to a WI UW- University, graduated with a B.A. in CJ. I also did a 208 hour internship with a PD. In addition, I'm going to be putting myself through the Basic Recruit Police Academy (13 weeks full-time self-sponsorship). Here is where my question comes into play:

    I ultimately have EVERY intention of moving to WI, but in order to do so, I need to get hired by a PD and or have a decent paying full-time job. This, however, would be hard to do while I'm going through the police academy full-time. I'm hoping that coupled with my credentials and being certifiable, I will have a better shot of getting onto a PD once the academy is done. Anyway's, I was talking to the Police Academy Coordinator yesterday, and he suggested that I claim residency in WI while attending the police academy. My g/f currently lives in Kenosha, WI, so I can claim residency with her (I stay there often anyway's), however, if I still live in IL, will that hamper me big time in getting hired by a PD? I know that most PD's have a residency requirement usually within a year of being hired, but I was wondering if the fact that I'm still currently residing in IL (until I hopefully get picked up) will prevent me from being picked up by a WI PD.

    If any LEO's could let me know their thoughts, or what I should do, that would be great. My ultimate goal is to become a WI LEO, and I'm not sure what I should do with my given situation.


    P.s. I have just enough money saved up to get through the academy and pay for it, but I am by no means in a position to go rent an apt, or by a house. I was planning on commuting from home every day.

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    My feeling is that it would be pretty much a matter of department policy. Some agencies might be a little more inclined to work with you than others. The one "must" I see ,is the requirement that you have a valid WI Driver's License. I would suggest that you talk to any agency you intend to apply to, and get their take on your situation. Past that, anything I tell you is mere speculation.


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      Many agencies require you have residency by the time of hire.

      Depending, you could live in another state but temporarily live in WI to attend the academy, as long as you have perm. residency by graduation (ie- a WI driver's license).

      Some will make you have that residency by time of academy.

      Others make you have residency in order to apply.
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