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explosives and a strip club ( Separate incidents )


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  • explosives and a strip club ( Separate incidents )

    I have just turned in my first personal history statement, after filling it out there was only two things that I thought would prevent me from getting hired. One I think it fairly serious and the other somewhat minor.

    1. When I was younger ( two years ago ) I made a small number ( two or three ) of small explosive deceives using black powder. I exploded them very safely on private property owned by my parents. I did it because it was a engineering challenge, designing and building the fuses and creating something that went boom.

    2. This past May, while on a business trip to Denver CO, I used someone else’s ID to gain entrance into a gentlemen’s club because I was 20. I went with the group because several of them were quite drunk and I was concerned about them. Also, one of them worked for me and I wanted to make sure that he did not do anything that would cause him to not be able to conduct his duties the following day. There was no stopping them from going so I choose to go to make sure they stayed out of trouble. While there I did nothing but supervise my colleagues , I had nothing to drink and I did not spend any money. Honestly I was somewhat discussed by the place.

    Looking back I would not have done either if I had to do it again. Does anyone have any input, I am going to get grilled about both issues on my upcoming oral board.

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    If those are the worst things youve done in your life, you really have nothing to worry about. They might grill you about the explosives, but you didnt cause damage or use them in a harmful way.


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      well I am only 21 ( as of yesterday... ) and I spend a lot of my time helping at the church I attend and running my own business.

      I was concerned about the strip club thing because it happen only a few months ago and using someone else’s ID is a fairly significant crime ( as far as I know ). I do not drink at all ( even on my 21st bday ) so I hope that matters when I get grilled!

      As far as the explosives go... it was all done very safely, my Dads is a fire fighter and safety nut, which rubbed off on me...
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        I blew up a black powder bomb in the middle of a field on our property about 2 years ago. All that happened was it created a very small...I have trouble calling it a crater, it was more of an indent, and it made a big boom. No complaints (except that our neighbors wished I had told them that I was setting it off so they could come watch), no damage, no injuries...I wrote it on my background packet prior to the poly, and all he did was ask me what happened and moved on.
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          1) Blowing stuff up with home made explosives is called being a redneck. If they precluded rednecks from law enforcement all we'd have working the streets are Captains and higher. Be honest and don't sweat it.

          2) Be honest about it. However, worse case scenario: you have to let some time go by but I don't even think it's a big enough deal to merit that.


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            from the title i thought you were talking about my nightly routine


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              You'll probably do a PHS,Polygraph Questioniare, or similar document. Disclose the what took place pretty much in the same manner you did with us. I don't see any problems.


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                Originally posted by jakflak View Post
                1) Blowing stuff up with home made explosives is called being a redneck. If they precluded rednecks from law enforcement all we'd have working the streets are Captains and higher. Be honest and don't sweat it.
                No doubt. I could have written my "What I did for Summer Vacation" essay and used the same title as this post. I could also sum up my military career quite nicely, come to think of it...
                I miss you, Dave.


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                  Seriously dude, your strip club excuse is lame. Even if it is true who is gonna believe that?

                  If every person that ever used a fake I.D. was turned down b/c of it, there would be no cops.

                  If I were your B.I. I wouldnt have a problem with what you have done, but your ridiculous rationalizations....shows you are trying to make excuses for poor judgement.
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                    Actually, the title sounds like a scenario for an off training party.....
                    The posts on this forum by this poster are of his personal opinion, and his personal opinion alone

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                      I seriously did not want to go. I knew it would be a major problem with my girl friend, I really didn’t want to have to deal with that. I just wanted to make sure I would be able to fulfill my contract and have my employee be able to work the next day... and not be in jail!


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                        Originally posted by juicesnn4e2
                        man, i did wayyyyyyyyyy worse things than you. dont sweat it
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