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Dress help with quick BI meeting


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  • Dress help with quick BI meeting

    I have a meeting with my BI for my girlfriend to meet him, it is only a quick meeting and he said not to worry much about it, somewhat informal. I was wondering you anyone could give me an idea of what to wear for the informalness of it. He said that if I brought her to shop in the malls or something, to swing her by and let her talk to her. So I know he is not expecting me to wear a suit. Should I wear one anyway? (I know, always wear a suit*) but this is different. Any ideas of her type of clothing, a business suit, jeans? anything helps!!
    Thanks in advance!

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    I would suggest just dress casual man. A polo maybe? a nice long sleeve shirt with slacks or something. I wouldn't wear business attire if i didnt have. Especially if he said informal. Really man dont put too much thought into it, go casual man. Ive heard many times before, in a situation like this, its not what you look like, its more how you introduce yourself...Good luck brotha


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      Appropriate casual dress should be okay for both of you. Usually that means slacks, polo shirt, or something along those lines.


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        Polo or button-up with khakis, perhaps.
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