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  • Question about past employment

    Hello everyone,

    I'm filling out my PHS package, and trying to get everything in order. I did come across something that could be a problem.

    Two of my previous jobs, one from January 00 - July 00, and the other from August 01 - December 03, basically no longer exist. Both locations closed down in my town, and the direct supervisors I had are long gone. The numbers I had for both locations also are either out of service, or to a different company.

    For the oldest job, they do have an employee verification line you can call. I tried it today, and found out only government and state officials can have info faxed to them, everyone else needs to send a mail in request.

    For the second job, the only number I found online redirects it to a new business, in which they say over the automated phone that it formally used to be the place where I worked, it just got bought out and changed names. They have an automated number, where you can either reach the receptionist, or HR, but both numbers reached a voice mail.

    So, my basic question is, if I write down both of these numbers to reach these places, would that be ok? I hate that these jobs are no longer in town, and don't have a simple phone number to reach them. I hope it doesn't seem like I am hiding anything to the BI's.

    Toward the back of the PHS, I do plan on putting in writing what I'm asking you guys right here, and letting them know that they closed down their locations where I worked, and one business now goes by a different name.

    BTW, both of these jobs were telemarketing related, 411 info, etc. Most of these places come and go every couple of years.

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    As per the instructions on the ones I've filled, you list them (list EVERY job you have had) and then in place of contact number write "no longer in business."


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      Thanks for the tip Lionheartednyhc,

      In the back of the PHS, where you can leave comments and such, I do plan on putting both employee verification numbers down, but also explaining that those two businesses are no longer in town, and one of them changed names and was bought out.

      I'm just sort of embarassed that these two business are no longer in the city, and the one where I worked at for 3 years is confusing to get a hold of.

      And even thought I worked at a restaurant back in 2000 for 3 days (I had to quit, not fired) I plan on putting it down.


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        Provide the information on your PHS. List the contact numbers provided. Attach a note to the PHS explaining the circumstances as you noted them here. You do your best to provide the required information, but you're not responsible for a situation beyond your control.


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          Thank you PhilipCal,

          Thats what I plan on doing. For my PHS, the last page is "Write a comment on why you want to be a police officer." After that page, per the instructions, they have if you need to put down any other info, attach a piece of notebook paper, with the appropriate information.

          Thats where I plan on writing down the info about those jobs, as well as other minor stuff, such as dates and address of previous address. (My father was in the military, and we moved around a lot as child, some times 3 times a year, and we can no longer remember exactly when we moved into and out, and the exact address, but I do have the approximate dates, and cities.)

          Thank you.


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