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  • My Dilemma

    i have a dilemma and I need some advise. I have been working at my current LEO job for about 3 1/2 months. I am just about to finish training. My issue is this: the salary is not very good and I have realized that I cannot support my family on it. I got invited to go through the process with another agency with better pay and benefits. Is it shady for me to pursue it when I have only been here for a little while, and if I do pursue it do i tell the other agency not to contact my current employer so I don't risk losing my job. I don't know what to do.
    Any suggestions???
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    An LE career is a progressive one for many people. You have to be in a place where you can enjoy your work and make a comfortable life for yourself. There is nothing wrong with looking in other places. You can ask them to not contact your current employer, different agencies have different policies. I have found it better not to let your current agency know you are looking elswhere only because sometimes they take it as an insult even if it isn't meant to be. I am on agency # 3 in my fed career. You have to play it by ear and always remain in a defensive position...never tell anyone more than they need to know and never burn bridges when you leave...you never know if you might need to go back.


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      Your actions are not shady at all. In my opinion no agency should stand in the way of a person bettering themselves. I was in a similar position as you many years ago, i tested at a department after only a few months on the job with my first career as a deputy. I withdrew my name from the list after the written test, for fear my Sheriff would kill me....I regret that decision to this day! I ended up leaving a few years later and all went well, but I still think about what "might have been". as feldjaeger said, dont burn any bridges, when and if the time comes to leave be respectful and honest. If the pay is truly that poor, it might cause them to research how to get it up to a level that employees will stay. Best of luck and keep us posted!
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        Man, that's a tough one. A good boss won't hold any grudges and will wish you the best--an A hole will release you off probation. What kind of bosses do you have?


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