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Ripped off by car dealer/auction, Texas


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  • Ripped off by car dealer/auction, Texas

    I bought 3 cars at a local public auction, done by a company called Gator Equipment, but the car dealer behind it is Crosslander of texarkana.

    The 3 cars total cost was 9650.

    They were purchased 2.5 months ago, and I still have not recieved the titles.

    I started inquiring about it, and found that most likely they had not filed for the title untill I called last week.

    Then when i started looking more closely, I found they charged me $ 1113.- in title and taxes, and looking at the title application receipts the cost was only 686, so they overcharged me by 427 dollars.

    They were quick to admit that was incorrect, and they are refunding the money, but i know for sure there are a few people that bought cars at that auction that did not look that close at their paperwork.

    My question is, what do i do ? How do i file a formal complaint, where and with whom ?

    the vehicles were also rigged in several ways, like check engine lights reset,carbs messed with etc. but thats the chance you take with an auction vehicle.

    But i'm out to get some justice out of this, because this is just plain wrong.

    I also suspect them of forging the title application documents, because somehow my name ended up on the application, even though my wife filled out the title apps.

    where do i start ?

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    I would suggest your state's Department of Motor Vehicles.....or Texas DPS....
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      Sounds like you need to take it up in civil court.
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        In Ohio, the Attorney General's Office has a Consumer Division (or something like that) that handles such complaints. I would check out you AG's website and go from there.


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          Civil court


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            Car dealers are licensed to do buisness in my state through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Might check with Texas DMV, maybe talk to an investigator.

            Who knows, maybe he's also ripping the state a new one and maybe they already have a file started.
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