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    I have a weird situation with an immediate family member and I need to know how to gain Guardianship over a minor for the safety of that minor. The legal guardian has kicked the minor out and is no longer caring for the minor. I need to gain legal guardianship over the minor since she is part of my immediate family. The situation is very urgent because the minor does not feel safe with her present guardian. He is drinking a fair amount and I feel that he is having mental issues over the loss of his wife 2 years ago as well as his behavior and demeanor is changing quite rapidly when not drunk. I understand that I will need to go through family court since a minor is involved. This is happening in Utah. It is posted in the Utah forum as well but not as many people post there so thats why i posted it here too.
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    Realistically you probably need to consult an attorney that specializes in family law.
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