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Do Chief Candidates Go Through The Same Background?


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  • Do Chief Candidates Go Through The Same Background?


    First time poster here, and had a question I always was curious about. I know a local department has a chief who came their directly from another department in another state (lateral move chief to chief). This was a mid-size department (75-80 officers).

    Having a couple of friends in LE, I know from their descriptions that the hiring process is very detailed and lengthy. When a department hires a new chief from the outside, are they filling out a background questionnaire, sweating out a polygraph, or taking a psych exam? It would just seem odd to me for a chief-to-be to have to lay themselves "bare" before their potential future subordinates. On the other hand, why should they not have to be upheld to the same hiring criteria. Is that position so political and administrative that they are more interested in someone's ability to manage then the specifics of their background?

    Just curious. I know the answer will probably vary by department, but thanks in advance for any answers.



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    Pete, that's a really good question, and I think you also partially answered it yourself. The hiring process will vary from agency to agency. My personal view is that any agency desiring to hire a Chief from outside , should "vett" him/her in much the same manner as they would any other candidate. That said, it's possible the candidate would have an established reputation for honesty, and adminstrative ability.In that case, the lengthy background investigation, or other aspects of the normal hiring process could probably be waived. All in all, much will depend on the department's needs and the qualifications of the prospective candidate.


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      I don't know that the hiring process is exactly the same as far as poly/CVSA and what not, but they do still go through a background (at least for us).


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