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With all these Officer shootings


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  • With all these Officer shootings

    I've started approaching all my traffic stops in a different way.

    Just modified my technique slightly.

    I would like to discuss this further but fear it would give away tactics.

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    Well, everything on these forums is public information. Everyone does traffic stops differently.. It's just what you feel safe and more comfortable doing.


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      Originally posted by Defender77 View Post
      I would like to discuss this further but fear it would give away tactics.
      Have you considered going to one of the Calibre Press Street Survival seminars? They are well put on, you will learn things you never dreamed of and what you do learn is so well taught that it's hard to forget.

      Not only is it a chance to get away for a few days to a place of your choosing with a couple of hundred other cops from around the country, but its a tax write off as well.
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        I never heard of that before.

        My friend did attend an advanced shooting course, but I guess this would apply more to traffic stops than for outright shooting?

        Thanks for the information I appreciate it.


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          +1 on L-1s advice to go to one of the Street Survival seminars......I try to go at least every 3-4 years......they have them all over the country.....

          Col. Dave Grossmans' "Bullet Proof Mind" seminar is another one I would suggest.....he doesnt really get into specific tactics ect, but more into the mental prep of preparing to be in the 'bad and scary'......
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