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Which do you cops prefer? The Naked Gun or Police Academy movies?


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  • Which do you cops prefer? The Naked Gun or Police Academy movies?

    The Naked Gun trilogy was absolutely hilarious and one of my favorite along with Airplane. I wish there was one good script left in them where they could do one last movie before Leslie Nielsen dies. He was a riot in all of them!

    On the other hand, I 've seen parts of several of the Police Academy movies and they are just not very good. Naked Gun is so much better it's in a totally different league.

    What do you guys in LE think?

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    police academy...but looking back they're both pretty terrible

    ahhh, whatever happened to steve guttenberg?
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      The "Tacklebury" charactor should have branched off. They should have made movies about his exploits. He was hillarious, but they didn't give him enough lines.

      The Naked Gun movies were funny like Airplane, but afterwhile it became predictable.
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        Both were hilarious. Leslie Nielson and his fellow goobers were just to funny. Then again Capt Harris from the police academy was equally hilarious also. "Move it, move it move it!!"

        P.S. The Blue Oyster rocks. Never knew why those guys were dressed as sailors with the assless chaps when I was younger. Or why they liked dancing with each other.


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          The first POlice Academy was great! However, The Naked Gun is the bomb! The 2nd one was ok, "Is this somekind of bust?" "

          "Yes ma'am, it's very impressive."


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            Originally posted by PB3021 View Post
            The first POlice Academy was great! However, The Naked Gun is the bomb! The 2nd one was ok, "Is this somekind of bust?" "

            "Yes ma'am, it's very impressive."
            Or how about his one?

            Priscilla Presley: "How about a nightcap?"

            Leslie Nielsen: "Sorry, I don't wear them."


            I should've mentioned Sledgehammer. Do you guys remember that show from the late 80s?

            It was an absolutely HILARIOUS show where Sledge was bumbling detective who loved his magnum so much he slept with it! LOL! It had a great cast of characters and Sledge's trademark line was "trust me, I know what I'm doing". LOL!

            I recommend you guys get it on DVD since it is well worth it!


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              Hey, nice beaver!

              Thanks, I just got it stuffed.
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                I will take my guys Tackelberry and Mahoney any day over those toolbelts on Naked Gun.
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                  Even Nordburg? Oh my poor Nordburg. Don't worry, we won't rest until we find the thugs that did this. C'mon, let's get a bite to eat.


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                    Some bad dude on top of industrial balcony- I have a message for you from Vincent Ludwig.
                    Frank Drebin- Yea?
                    SBDOTOIB- Digg this you lousy chump! (while firing gun at drebin)
                    Frank Drebin- I cant hear you over the gunfire!

                    Or my favorite. Drebin and Ed start to search some guy at the queens ball. Drebin inadvertenly puts his hands in Ed's pockets and retrieves his wallet thinking its "searched guy's" wallet. Drebin looks at the wallet.
                    Drebin- Ed, he has a picture of your wife.
                    Searched Guy-
                    *Ed punching the **** out of searched guy. Drebin catching him and tossing him to the floor*
                    Drebin- Anybody else seeing his wife?!

                    You want funny? The Airplane series is the epitome of funny.


                    • #11
                      Remember the old TV show Police Squad? Before Naked Gun. That was great!

                      "Officers Take em away & Book em."

                      Two officers enter the scene being introduced: "Officer Takemaway, Officer Bookem"

                      Only ran for about 8 or 10 episodes. Circa 1981/82. Hilarious.
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                        I like them both, with the advantage to Police Academy. However my ultimate favorite police movie as of now is Super Troopers!!! Fantastic flick.


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                          Both movies are number one on laughs, just one thing that no one here mentioned above, "O.J. Simpson" I can't and won't see naked gun again knowing that he got away with murder!!!!!!!!
                          Take care and stay safe!
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                            My dad's generation question, but Id say Police Academy given those two choices. My generation Super Troopers all the way.
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