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Rookie detective/demotion


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  • Rookie detective/demotion

    Hi, everyone:

    I was wondering if anyone could list a few reasons why a rookie detective might be busted back to patrol officer. What kind of a screw-up could lead to a demotion?

    Thanks. I'm doing research for a novel.

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    Detective is a position, not a rank, at least for my department. Its the same as being a motorcycle cop, mounted patrol, EOD, crash investigator, or any other speciality slot. You aren't "busted" back to patrolman because you were a patrolman all along, you're just reassigned to district patrol again.

    Agency dependent, you could be reassigned for anything from failure to perform or keep up with case load, downsizing the number of detectives on a district, tiff with supervisors, at the request of the detective, etc.
    I miss you, Dave.


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      Originally posted by map View Post
      I was wondering if anyone could list a few reasons why a rookie detective might be busted back to patrol officer.
      1) Rookies don't make detective.
      2) Detective is a position, not a promotion.
      3) You watch too many cop movies.

      However, as mentioned above someone could be moved from being a detective back to patrol if they just weren't towing the line.


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        In some agencies, Detective is a rank. However, the previous replies are also correct, as in many agencies, Detectives are Officers, Deputies, Troopers, etc. Detective status depends on the department. What you might consider doing is researching Police agencies in the area you wish to set your novel. Even if you were to use a fictional name for your Police agency, your "background" would be authentic. Good luck on your novel.


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          You're right, Jakflak. I do watch to many cop movies. That's why I'm coming to the source for info. What I meant by rookie detective is an officer who who has just assumed the position of detective after serving on the force for a number of years.

          Thanks for everyone's help so far If there's anyone on the board from the NYPD, I'd love to hear from you about being a detective in NY, whether in this thread or by private message. Thanks again.


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            It could be a lot of little screw ups meaning the person just isn't ready dor that position yet, or it could be a major screw up like not collecting or mishandling evidence, compromising a witness' statement on purpose or by accident, peeing off the boss, etc.


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