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  • Interesting Predicament

    Been getting mixed reactions and mixed responses in regards to a situation that has arisen locally in our law enforcement community. Some legal counsel tip toe around the situation, others want to go for the jugular. So i figured i might as well go to my brothers and sisters.

    A good friend from the academy i attended was just recently injured on the job (head injury) As a result, there is the possibility that because of her condition she may not be able to serve in the patrol capacity any longer. While she has made a remarkable recovery, there was some permanent damage done that would serve as a roadblock as a patrol officer. The main reason for my post is to inquire a larger pool of police officers nationwide who were injured on the job (non car accident) as to whether there are any civil ramifications for the defendant responsible for assaulting a police officer on private property (private residence.) I understand there are mitigating circumstances and a different set of legal guidlines that differ state to state. Also, factor in the criminal trial. Just curious as to whether or not anyone has been in the same predicament, if a suit was filed, and what type of monetary damages were received by the officer.

    Feel free to PM - Just looking for some personal knowledge and insight/advise i may be able to pass forward to her.

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    You could file a civil claim here in CA.....BUT, if you were to win an award of damages ect, the Dept WILL make a claim against that for the expenses that they have paid for your medical treatment, time off work ect......

    Still might be worth it though.....
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      Take them to court and milk them dry. Everybody seems to think they can sue LE for looking at them wrong but they can do whatever to us and get away with it. I have only heard of some auto accidents and slander cases where officers got monetary settlement. As LA DEP said the department will want reimbursement for their expenses that's why you set the bar high.
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