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My job choice appropriate for future LEO Career? Chime in!


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  • My job choice appropriate for future LEO Career? Chime in!

    I just quit my job at a gunshop selling firearms. I liked the job because I dealt with alot of nice people and had frequent LEO interaction, got many many great advices from different officers. Also I love guns so I was around what I liked BUT I was only getting 8/hr which wasn't enough to make the ends meet with me and my wife and going to college full-time. (Working on a B.A). My career choice as an LEO is what I work and go to school for, I am very passionate about the career.

    My question is, I just got a new job that pays double what I made as a salesman. Armoured courier. I am currently driving the vehicle and once I get cleared for gun permit I will be walking the money. Anyway, pay is good but the danger is high.

    How will the departments look at this career choice? I mean I'm risking my life for someone else's money but I gotta do what I gotta do to pay rent...

    Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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    It won't hurt you. It's a private security job which of itself won't help a lot, but again it won't hurt you. It's just a job. I've always wondered if the courriers had to qualify with their pistols, and you could emphasize the fact that you've already managed to qualify with a handgun - something some new hires can't do.


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      Sounds like a good career move to me.


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        No problem with either job. Good luck in your future plans.


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