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    What are the state laws regarding traveling with a rifle? No, I do not have my CHL. This summer I will be moving from Texas to Virginia and then back to Texas a year later. Since I will be moving I will be taking my possessions with me and my rifle will be in my truck. What are the state laws regarding traveling with a rifle? I imagine it won't be a problem, but I thought I'd ask, just in case.
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    If it's unloaded in a locked hard case, you shouldn't have a problem where ever you go.
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      There's a federal law that allows you to transport a firearm from any state where it is legal to own it to any other state where it is legal to own it, as long as it's unloaded and in the trunk of your vehicle. I wish I had the cite, but with a little research, you should be able to get it yourself.
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        I don't have a case for the rifle, but it wouldn't be loaded.
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          First suggestion, go to a new and used gun store or decent pawn shop and pick up a case. It doesn't have to be a fancy padded black case. Just something to put the gun in. Spend $20 and save some hassle for just in case.

          If not, place the gun in your trunk with the action open. Place any ammunition IN A BAG and put that bag in your back seat (ammo separate from gun).

          Third. Don't go to California or D.C.


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            Originally posted by tn_gunslinger View Post
            Don't go to California
            Depends on the rifle, but yeah.

            It sux here if your riflle is black and scary looking, cuz, well what do you need THAT for?

            A hunting rifle would be OK in a case in the trunk.


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              Some states (Wisconsin is one of them) consider a gun-sock as a proper case. Those are significantly cheaper than a hard case and a good way to save money if you only plan to use it temporarily. If you'll be doing a lot of traveling with your rifle, I suggest a hard case.


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                Add Massachusetts to the DO NOT ENTER states. Mandatory year in jail. And skip NYC as well (neither appear to be on your route).

                The Federal Statue (Gun Owners Protection Act) has been interpreted in some states to mean 'uninterrupted' travel. That is, you can stop for the night, but no side trips.
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                  Thank you very much for the information. I'll purchase a gun case, won't take any ammo, and I'll keep the rifle in the backseat (of my truck.) I will also carry the registration for the rifle in my purse, just in case a problem arises. Thanks again for the information.
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