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Order of Protection and BI?


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  • Order of Protection and BI?

    I've been lurking through the message boards for almost a week now, and I've learned a lot of great information. Thanks for it. I've applied with the Memphis Police, I take my test this coming week. I've toyed with the idea for several years, and I've been a criminal justice major. I'm very passionate about LE and I know that I would be good at it.

    My background is pretty normal I charges, a couple of speeding tickets (none recent), I smoked pot a couple times in high school. I was a pretty wild teenager, but calmed down in my late teens. But there is one thing...

    A little over 2 years ago, my boyfriend of over a year, and I broke up. He came to my house and things became very emotional for both of us. I was especially emotional as I had knee surgery earlier that day, and was under the influence of a lot of drugs. I asked him 3 or 4 times to leave...this lasted about 20 or 30 minutes. At the end of all this he said something horrible to me, and I threw down my glass of water and told him to get out. He turned and came at me. I defended myself.I pushed him away from me and kept trying to push him out the door. I told him I was going to call the police and then he left.

    I didn't call the police that night, but after talking to a friend in LE I decided to file a report the next morning, but was told he had already filed one and that I couldn't file or it would be considered a retaliation. I cut my losses and started to move on. About 10 days later I was served by deputies with an order of protection.

    After that he started showing up almost everywhere I was. My friends bar, outside of a friends home, he stopped by my neighbors house, my cat disappeared for 2 days (he's indoor), my tires were slashed. He was contacting my friends, and he even contacted my boss for legal representation for our court date. I decided that the second we got out o court I was going to another state (which I did for about 3 months)...he even showed up at my doing away party.

    While waiting for our turn in court, he dropped the protective order. I didn't want it dropped...I wanted to go in front of the judge and have it dismissed.
    I moved to NYC that day. He joined AA and contacted me to make amends.
    He told me that if anyone had any questions they could contact him. I've given his information to my recruiter.

    How bad is this going to hurt me? I was told that it wasn't an immediate DQ. But I have the feeling it's worse for me than I've been told. I have no intentions of making any excuses for my behavior that night, and will take full responsibility. I just wonder whats worse, the report claiming domestic violence or the order of protection? Any thoughts? I would appreciate any insight or suggestions on how to handle this.

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    The only real thing about your situation is a police department wont sugar coat anything. If they wanted to DQ you for it, they would without hesitation. If its not an immediate DQ, look at it like you will be in the running. Recruiters wont waste peoples time by telling them to apply, if they plan to be an auto DQ. Stay positive, its a long process.

    The only problem you face at this time is the competiton. Im sure other applicants have better background, but you gotta roll with the punches. Goodluck. If not memphis, try as many agencies as you can.


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