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Illegal To drive with no hood?


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  • Illegal To drive with no hood?

    Hey officers I just recently got a new hood but it's not fitting correctly and not really safe to have it on till I fix it. My old hood was thrown out with out my knowing, I still live with my mom being 17 and all. But I was just wondering would it be illegal for me to drive around with no hood for a day or so? I'm located in tampa florida and don't know the law on that.

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    Not a violation here in Virginia.

    If it's just missing a hood, all lights still work, doesn't hinder your vision (probably see more without it on some cars), wipers work, windshield OK, etc .... be hard to imagine it being a violation anywhere, although it isn't an every day occurrence.
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      No requirement in Alabama for a hood. As long as all the required equipment is operating OK, it 's not a problem legally.


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        ILLEGAL in Maryland...

        You would get stopped in Maryland, falls under the "required equipment" section.


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