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What is your favorite division/squad in your department?


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  • What is your favorite division/squad in your department?

    Just like the title says, what would be your "dream" job in your department? If you are already part of your favorite division/squad, post up what you do and why you love it. Examples:
    Motor division
    Lake patrol
    Fugitive Recovery
    Air Patrol
    Personal crimes
    Etc. (you get it by now)

    I'm finishing up school now but I always thought that I would love to be part of a Fugitive/criminal apprehension team. I imagine that the thrill of the chase has to be a high like no other.

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    This was asked once before & got quite a few answers but to answer it again for me it's : K-9
    SAU (SWAT)
    Special Projects
    Air Support
    Airport Detail (Great OT)
    In that order........


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      Narcotics was absolutley the best job I have ever had in Law Enforcement. I spent almost half my career undercover. The commeradery was great, training was the best. We were allowed to go all over the country to get the best courses. We worked on a closeknit team and they were like brothers. I may go back as a supervisor sometime.
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        Originally posted by hemicop View Post
        This was asked once before & got quite a few answers but to answer it again for me it's : K-9
        Ewww... I cant stand dogs. But I do understand why people like/love them. Favorite unit? Hmmmmmm. An instructor at the FLETC driving range.. They get to **** cars up all day everyday, drive as fast as they can within their limits, the car gets totaled, order a new one. Must be nice....


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          Patrol. I am in Air Support as well, but it is just on-call/scheduled as needed. We don't have Motors, so Patrol is where it's at. I have never had any desire to be a detective or admin weenie.
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            Patrol is awesome.. But I also love "Gang"! I love the dynamics of gang work and the culture its basis is on!
            Never take what happens personally because of who we are and what we do.. Its a game, at which we are on the other side of the line, and the stakes are higher!


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              In my agency is was Warrant Detail. I have done different types of police work over the years at different agencies, but I still get a feeling of satisfaction when I lock up someone that desperately deserves it.


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                For me, I think it would be Task Force, K9, and CID.
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                  Probation Officer here in Nor Cal. No doubt my favorite is our High Risk Adult Felony Unit. Toss for dope and serve PC needed, no Judges signature, no paper to write. to prison.


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                    Originally posted by jchughes05 View Post
                    For me, I think it would be Task Force, K9, and CID.
                    Which Task Force? (Drugs, Gangs, Fugitive, Auto Theft, etc.)


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