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    Hey there fellas, got a question for you

    Every since I got a job with the Vermont DOC, I've been playing with the idea of getting an off-duty sidearm. We are NOT sworn peace officers in Vermont, but residents of Vermont don't need a Concealed Weapons permit. I'm not scared of running into old I/M's, but then again I'd hate to need it and not have, rather than have it and never need it.

    I'll be the first to tell ya, I don't know much of anything about firearms. Obviously I'm going to get educated about gun safety and how to shoot before I run out a buy a weapon, but I've got some preliminary questions before I get in over my head...

    Does the size of the person carrying matter? (I'm 6'4", 250lbs.)

    Can you recommend any books about gun safety I should pick up?

    Any hints/suggestions you would give to someone carrying for the first time?

    Any particular guns you would recommend? (the mini-Glock seems popular at my facility)

    Anything else you would like to add would be greatly appreciated and you guys would know best since you carry 40+ hours a week (concealed or not)

    Thanks and stay safe.
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    First off, go to a local gunstore and start handling the various guns they have in stock. I have small hands so this was the best route for me. I have a Glock 23 for both on and off duty as well as a 2" Taurus Titanium .38. These fit me pretty well.

    Good luck.


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      Whatever you decide to get make sure you are comfortable with it and practice, practice, practice. Happy gun shopping!
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        Find a shooting range that rents/loans firearms and try some out. You're a big boy, and some of the smaller semiautos out there may not fit you too well when you shoot them. Check out if they offer firearm safety courses. Taking a course and learning hands on is better than reading a book. Remember, you are purchasing this for your immediate safety and the safety of your family, so it's not a fashion statement. Find something you like, that fits you and you can use well, don't buy something just because your buddy or the latest copy of "Guns and Ammo" says it's the best thing since sliced bread. Once you have an idea of what fits and feels good to you, go shopping. Much as I like to pick on my wife for her shopping habits, I love going to different gun stores and seeing what they have and looking for a good deal. Have fun!
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          The above posts pretty much sum it up. The most important part is how it feels and how you can shoot with it. You being a pretty large guy, concealment probably won't be an issue unless you carry a Desert Eagle. I'm 5-10, 200 lbs and I carry Glock 19 or a 22, depending on the weather. I'm partial to the glocks because there is no exposed hammer to get caught. Before the Glocks I carried a Berretta 92 just because it was what I knew and felt most comfortable with.
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            One more thought: Sig has an academy in NH. Check it out and take a course before you buy. Training is transferable, so what you learn will work with most any gun.
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              You have to look at my photo too see which hand gun I choose to wear while off duty!
              LOVE MY 38 S&W AIR WEIGHT!!
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              Take care and stay safe!
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                Try the Springfield XD 40. I have one and I like the fact that it has no cocking hammer to get caught on your shirt or whatever else.


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