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Information on Training Needed


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  • Information on Training Needed

    I first put this on the meet and greet forum - realized that this one is the right place - Sorry.

    Hello, this is my first post so I hope I do this right. I did a search for this but didn't see what I needed. I currently work for a church in the position of Facilities Manager and Head of Security. Up until now we have had no armed security staff. Since the Colorado shootings I am now in the process of getting my CWP to allow me to carry. (all that is required by the state of Florida) I have shot in IDPA, so I know a little (very little) about using a pistol tactically. So, here are my questions:
    1. What kind of training is available for the civilian market?
    2. Is there any government training/certification available? Homeland Security?
    3. I am aware of Thunder Ranch and Gunsite, but are they enough?

    My premise is this: Anyone that checks out can get a CWP, but that doesn't mean they know what they are doing. I don't want to be in that category!

    I want to do this the right way, but I have been unable to get any information at all from the local authorities. Thanks for your help. Ty

    What I am looking for is more than pistol training that is included but security training as well is desired.

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    Visit the NRA (National Rifle Assoc) website. I'm quite certain that they offer the type training you mentioned. If they don't provide it directly, they can refer you to someone who does provide the training. There can also be numerous potential legal and liability issues for you to consider in either arming yourself, or a security staff. These considerations will apply to you as an individual CCW holder, as well as any staff members under your supervision or control. I certainly understand your desire to protect the property under your care. but I do recommend you do some research into the issues I mentioned.


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      not to mention that the church is taking on a HUGE insurance risk,

      did a quick google and came up with a few links.


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