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How do you feel about security?


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  • How do you feel about security?

    Oh here's a fun one. Seems some dust got unsettled over on the legal firearms page, lets try this one.

    How do you, as police officers feel about private security officers?

    I am an SO here, and work for a relatively decent security firm and I'll say I enjoy my job. I have worked with IMPD locally on a few jobs where the client wanted a few SO's and a few PO's for their events. It seems there is no gray area though, either PO's barley tolerate us, or they actually are pretty decent people and treat us pretty well. I'll also say that I am no wanna-be cop, as I have no desire to be one at this point - I work full time in IT, and I just moonlight in security.

    A few weeks ago I worked a concert here in Indy at one of our smaller venues, and the order was for 2 Security officers, and 1 IMPD officer. Friday night, this guy was a total (Insert super trooper expletive here). Refused to even acknowledge us, and just sat around like a bump on a log. It was a real asset that he was there. The next night, we had a different officer, and he was pretty nice. Introduced himself to us, and we all coordinated what we were to do, and he selected the parking lot patrol. Nice guy, and I brought a few bottles of water out to him while he chilled in his car and it was a good experience.

    So, personally, and be honest - how do you guys treat security officers that you may work with?

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    I treat them like I would another officer/human being, with respect. Never know when the security officer might have to help you out or a civillian for that matter.


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      Thanks cruiser! You know I did a search (Im not a newbie, I run a forum myself), but I guess I didnt go far back enough in my search criteria...I'll check it out.


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