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Caught on Tape: Patrol Car Runs Down Suspect


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  • Caught on Tape: Patrol Car Runs Down Suspect

    What are your opinions on the officer crashing the car???? I still don't know how he crashed the car into the wall, unless he didn't see the wall, me personally I would have got as close as I could to the suspect n than turn it into a foot chase. (That might have been his intention too), the officer is under investigation for using excessive force which I don't think he used.
    Please watch the Video.


    SANTA ANA, Sept. 13, 2007 (KABC-TV) - A police chase in Santa Ana comes to a screeching halt as the patrol car hits a suspect then slams into a fence.

    The incident was all caught on tape, and now the officer's actions are being called into question.

    The man who shot the video says that the police officer did not want him to keep rolling and asked to see the tape. This tape could now be evidence in a possible excessive use of force investigation.

    The video shot by CelebrityBabylon.com shows the Santa Ana police officer running over the suspect at a high speed, then hitting a fence. The video shows the officer get out of the patrol car and ask the suspect if he is alright. The suspect was allegedly wielding a knife and hit somebody in the head with a full beer can.

    When the officer notices that he is being taped, he tells the man behind the camera, who does not want to be identified, to stop filming and then grabs the lens.

    "There's a little box that encases the lens, hands around the box, down fast, which I didn't appreciate," says the papar***o, who filmed the incident. "He wanted to see it, and so I told him yes and I showed it to him."

    "It's kind of a dynamic situation in where the officer is got a lot of things to deal with," says Cpl. Jose Gonzalez, Santa Ana Police Department. "He's got a violent suspect who's on the ground and someone who's coming up behind him trying to videotape the situation."

    The suspect, 19-year-old Jose Candilla Guzman, was treated at the scene and then taken to a hospital for minor injuries. Guzman will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

    As for the cameraman, he was not restrained in any way and he has made a DVD copy of the video for the police investigation.

    The Santa Ana Police Department is investigating the incident and will be determining whether or not this was a case of excessive force or an accident.

    Copyright © 2007 KABC-TV. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
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    Looks like an accident as we all know no cop wants to air they they crashed their car. He also was showing concern for the suspect prior to his knowledge of being taped. Him asking the guy to leave looked more like a "get out of my crime scene" type move. I don't want people walking up behind me either.

    Edit: and the suspect was booked for felony ADW and his weapon (knife) was recovered. Guess he shouldn't have ran.
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      I couldn't immagine he would wreck his patrol car on purpose like that. I would bet he had is eyes on the suspect running from the right and did not see the corner of the wall in time. But either way, the guy with the camera should not have been that close. I'm sure he had no idea what the suspect had done and had he had a gun and began shooting at the officer, he too most likely would have taken a few rounds. Safety issue for sure!


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        I'm hoping his only concern about getting the video tape was to see what went wrong.


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          If deadly force is appropriate, hitting someone with a car is a valid use of it.

          If someone tapes a use of force that I do, I'm going to take the tape for evidence too. If they're nice about it, I'll give them a copy for themselves also, but evidence for the case is more important than some kid uploading a video to Youtube..


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            By the looks of it, it appears that he (officer) was trying to cut the person off and accidentally struck both the wall and the subject. The officer will most likely be disciplined for that one. Let's hope this all works out in the end.


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              Its unfortunate, but its defensible.
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                Nawww, that looked like an accident. Most likely the guy looked like he was gonna run down the alley, but then either ran back, or changed direction to run down the wall. Tunnel vision would have made the officer focus primarily on the offender himself, and not on his surroundings. The surroundings being the wall in this case. Its an oops gone right. Bad guy got caught, cop didnt get hurt.
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                  I agree that it appears as though he was fixated on the subject and didn't see the wall.

                  Also, his professionalism was shown with the fact that the first thing he did was jump out of his car and check on the suspect. We're not out to kill people or see people get hurt, and I hope this video is used for a positive instead of a negative. He didn't cuss at the cameraman, he didn't use excessive force on anyone, and kept his cool. Kudos to him, and I hope he comes out unscathed!
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                    As mentioned above there are justifiable reasons to use a car as a weapon against a suspect. However most of the time a suspect is hit by a squad, it's because he changed direction quickly into the path of the car.

                    It does appear from the officers actions that he did not intend to hit the suspect and I am quite certain he did not intend to hit the wall.

                    Hopefully the officer will be treated fairly and the suspect with think twice before running next time. Sometimes the arrest can have more of a deterrent effect that the sentence the court hands down.
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                      I think the officer is fine. If he meant to do it (i.e. intentional) then I doubt he would have got out of the car and immediately been concerned for the welfare of the ARMED FELON!!! He did not handcuff him (although it would have been appropriate) and asked him several times if he was okay. He even called him, "Buddy."

                      I have never seen this before and don't know if it is new or old. I can imagine how the media will play it. Bad guy running, engine revving, loud crash, car smoking, bad guy going into ambulance....


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                        I crashed into a wall once. Running code to an accident with injuries and a woman pulled out in front of me (striking me in my front/left bumper) sending me into a wall. Pretty scary video.
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                          You don't bandit, you don't run, you don't get run over.

                          100% on the bad guy.

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                            Originally posted by 1042 Trooper View Post
                            You don't bandit, you don't run, you don't get run over.

                            100% on the bad guy.

                            Just like the Troop said "bad guy doesn't run, he doesn't get hit by a car"
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                              To me it looked like the officer did not even see the suspect until it was too late. The witness pointed down the alley and I think the officer was expecting the suspect to be further away and accelerated. I think the hit to the fence was an attempt to avoid hitting the suspect.


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