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What happens to an officer privately bought firearm if they use force?


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  • What happens to an officer privately bought firearm if they use force?

    In the case that God forbid, an Officer shoots someone in the line of duty. What happens to their firearms? Especially if it's bought by said Officer

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    The same as anyone else who shoots someone. It is taken into evidence, various tests are done depending on the circumstances, and at the end of the investigation it is returned assuming no criminal charges are filed.
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      Figure about a year or more…


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        Depends on the agency.

        I got mine back from the crime lab (cleaned and everything) within about a week

        Other places may keep until the case is completed, which can easily take years
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          I would imagine it depends on available video and how justifiable the shooting was, alone with Dept regulations.


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            Guys around here (if it's deemed a justified shooting) generally get their heaters back within 2 weeks which is about how long it takes for them to rule on the shoot.

            I know that there are gun manufacturers out their that, if it was an individual purchase, will replace the firearm for free if it was used in a self-defense/ defense of others shooting.
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